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Style Versatile

First blog post! This has been a long time coming! Our blog will be used to present new trends and activities in hair and skin that we are excited about, and when we get a chance to present information about our product lines and how to use them. For our first blog I really want to talk about masculine haircuts and where to find versatility, because I find that people will come in with an idea that we as stylists have all the abilities when it comes to how their hair moves.

how hair is cut does have a lot to do with how your hair will cooperate, but product, hair care and lifestyle will determine versatility just as much as the cut.

The difference between the photo below and a slick wet style like a pompadour is product, and whether he styled his hair wet or dry, used a blow dryer or air dried. After a determined style it is the lifestyle and product. If this model chose to he could use a pomade, which makes hair have a wet appearance, and left his hair wet while putting the product in and easily had a completely different style, but instead we chose to blow dry the hair into shape, adding volume and separation to his hair and a texture clay, which produces a dry matte finish with the focus being texture.

We chose his hair length so he would purposefully change up his hair depending one what he wants to do, where he is going etc. Had he went shorter with his top length he would not be able to do as much given, and too much longer would not allow for more length would not allow him to use his natural volume to get this desired style. The side lengths were chosen for longevity of the haircut, and because he is generally athletic shorter allows for quick styling when needed and it is out of the way! But after the chosen style, he has to make the decision whether he will use a blow dryer, use product, or leave it be, all having dramatic differences in the effects.


Above would be an example of a wet product (pomade) on the same hair texture hair, similar length different shape on the side. His hair is dry, but because of the pomade he has a completely different look, but his hair can easily be manipulated into the first photo, with a blow dryer and a texture clay.

I'm going to leave it at that beings this is our first post, haircut is important, choose a length that will reflect the options you would like to have, and that will last you until your next visit, don't be afraid to taper in short if hair touching your ears drives you nuts. If you don't want to look like you are in the military, just express that! A good stylist will be able to understand the difference, and when in doubt, show a photo. Second, come in practical. if your hair is flat and you want it messy and off your forehead, know it will take a blow dryer in the morning. Find a routine that works with your life. And three, if you are using product in your hair, ask the difference, and don't be limited. Hair product lasts a long time, in some ways it is a small investment in the enjoyment of your haircut. If you find yourself wanting to experiment after trying it in the chair, go for it! Don't limit yourself if you want to change it up. Know how much to use to prolong the product, most of the time less is more.

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